July 19, 2021

TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling Integration

AUSTIN, Tex.—Tuesday, July 20, 2021

TCP Software, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, today announced that the first phase of integration between its TimeClock Plus solution and Humanity Scheduling is now available. The offering combines the robust workforce management and time and attendance capabilities of TimeClock Plus with the flexible and intuitive employee scheduling experience offered by Humanity Scheduling.

Disparate systems introduce significant risk to organizations; the same data has to be entered into each system manually, making it difficult to maintain and scale effectively. Additionally, any situation requiring manual data entry or maintenance is highly prone to human error. By connecting critical data points between TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling, organizations can eliminate the risks that come with having to maintain separate data sources while experiencing the user benefits of both systems.

“Combining Humanity Scheduling with TimeClock Plus offers companies across all served industries a system that marries the best of both solutions,” said Leslie Bodnar, chief marketing officer, TCP Software. “While an ‘all-in-one’ product might sound attractive, companies should really be looking for best-of-breed point solutions to build a comprehensive, open tech stack based on the company’s priority needs. That’s what we’ve done here—TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling work together to join industry-leading time and attendance with one of the best scheduling solutions available today.”

TimeClock Plus serves as the system of record for employee-related information, including the employee profile, leave requests, special skills or qualifications, employee locations/departments and job codes. Sharing this information between systems informs shift creation and maintenance in the Humanity Scheduling platform. Shift information created in Humanity Scheduling is then passed back to TimeClock Plus. This allows the company to leverage the flexible and dynamic scheduling functionality and user-friendly interface in Humanity Scheduling without losing the benefit of the native integrated capabilities that already exist in TimeClock Plus, like scheduling exceptions and leave requests.

As Humanity Scheduling and TimeClock Plus converge, joint users will benefit from an array of capabilities that will improve how teams work with and manage their workforce, including:

  • An enhanced employee scheduling experience on desktop, tablet and mobile, making it easy for any manager to ensure they have the right staff member with the right skills and certifications scheduled at the right place and time. Humanity Scheduling is distinguished by the following capabilities and characteristics:
    • Demand-Driven Scheduling that integrates historical demand data and rules that inform the scheduling process
    • Customizable rules and instant conflict warnings that drive labor law compliance even as regulations change
    • Auto-build and auto-fill schedule engines using custom variables like seniority and shift preferences
    • Flexible scheduling that empowers managers to post open shifts and quickly find a replacement for an unplanned absence, enabling companies to instantly respond to real-time changes in business circumstances
    • User-friendly interface that’s simple to use and easy for managers and employees to understand
  • Automated time and attendance management that allows managers to track employee hours, handle complex labor and overtime calculations and oversee leave for the entire workforce. In addition to its robust time and attendance functionality, TimeClock Plus is distinguished by the following integrated capabilities and characteristics:
    • Absence & Leave Management allows users to track and process time-off requests automatically
    • Labor & Job Costing for precise labor tracking with the flexibility to keep up with complex business needs
    • Reporting & Analytics that enhance the workforce management experience with configurable dashboards and reports to deliver a clean look alongside data
    • Mobile solutions that facilitate mobile, remote or even just safe, single-user clock operations
    • Integrated Time Clock Devices, including touchless, biometric and thermal sensor devices that provide access control for employees to complete self-service functions
    • Comprehensive time tracking and employee scheduling that also easily integrates with existing ERP or HCM systems, as well as all major payroll providers

Together, the TimeClock Plus software suite and Humanity Scheduling deliver an industry-leading workforce management system for the enterprise, ensuring high productivity, streamlined data maintenance and no duplicate entries. To learn more about the integrated solution or to schedule a demo, visit:

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