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Time is money. So when you use TCP solutions that help ease payroll stress and cut unplanned overtime and reduce turnover, guess what else you save besides time? We’ll help you see how much using our free ROI calculator.

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Eliminate hidden costs

A few hours of unplanned overtime here, a few more calculating payroll there. The costs add up whether you’re talking about effort spent cobbling a schedule, troubleshooting payroll errors, or addressing turnover. TCP software helps eliminate common culprits that drain energy and resources. 

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Manual processes

Instead of fumbling with spreadsheets or hard copies, use our software to generate schedules or capture staff hours for payroll in seconds. Suddenly you have time to develop that bright idea or finish that overdue project.

Improve payroll accuracy

Calculation errors

The American Payroll Association shows an error rate of 1–8% of total payroll in companies that use traditional timecards1. Automated timekeeping ensures you track employees’ regular, overtime, and weighted hours correctly so they get paid correctly.

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Time theft or collection errors

What’s the harm if an employee records a full shift but arrives to work late, leaves early, or takes a long break? Lost dollars, that’s what. Time theft costs employers up to 20% of every dollar earned2. Our time and attendance software helps eliminate timesheet inaccuracies.

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Unplanned overtime

It’s hard to match coverage to demand without over- or underscheduling and get the right staffing mix on each shift without unneeded overtime. The result? Overtime costs you didn’t budget for. Our scheduling tools help nail proper coverage to control costs and avoid employee burnout.

What will your ROI look like?

It isn’t just about revenue. It’s also about getting the most out of your existing budget, staff, and talent—and that’s different for every customer. Here’s the ROI other customers have seen:


Improvement in payroll accuracy


Reduction in time spent on scheduling


Growth in business

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