June 12, 2012

Why Can’t I Reply To A Comment On The Message Wall?


Effective and efficient communication is key to the success of any business – regardless of size or industry. We offer a variety of communication options, from our ’Message Wall’ to our employee ‘Ping’ to our private inbox. The management staff has the option to disable the ability to write on the ‘Message Wall’ and/or comment on existing messages on the ‘Message Wall’. This gives managers control over the posts that go onto the public ‘Message Wall’, shown below.

In order to reply to a comment left on the ‘Message Wall’, as an employee, a manager must enable the appropriate setting. Thus, if you are unable to reply to a comment on the ‘Message Wall’ and/or write a new message, you need to check with your manager who can review your message wall settings and alter your permission settings.

Allowing Employees to Post Messages 

Go to the ‘Admin’ tab and click on ‘Account Settings’ located under the ‘Account’ subheading. Scroll down to the ‘Message Wall Settings’ section and click the checkbox beside ‘Employees can post messages (otherwise just managers). If this checkbox is left unchecked, only managers can post to the Message Wall.

Allowing Employees to Leave Comments 

Similarly, if the checkbox beside ‘Staff can leave comments’ is checked, employees are able to comment on existing messages on the ‘Message Wall’. Alternatively, if the box is left unchecked, employees will only be able to view the messages on the ‘Message Wall’ and will not be able to comment on any of them.

Our dedicated Wizard hopes you find this useful and that you use the ‘Message Wall’ to communicate with your employees and/or colleagues.