May 7, 2018

Product Update: Creating Custom Reports and Schedule Templates


Once again, we’re kicking the month off by rolling out a couple of new features that many of our customers have been very eager to see from us.

Note: If you have a feature request of your own, let us know!

Let’s dive right into the new stuff.

Creating Custom Reports

Business owners and managers don’t all have the same preferences when it comes to running their employee scheduling and time & attendance reports.

In Humanity, managers can not only choose the types of reports they would like to run, they can also decide what data they need and don’t need to see in their reports.

We’ve taken these features a step further now by allowing you to not only customize your reports but also save your custom reports so that you can pull them up and run them whenever you need them.

Saving, Referencing and Reusing Schedule Templates

With this new feature, we wanted to give all our users an incredibly efficient and simple way to be able to save or “bookmark” past work schedules so that they could easily reference and even reuse them at any time.

Here’s what we came up with:

Happy Scheduling!