January 12, 2021

From Surviving to Thriving – How to Prepare Your Business for 2021


No matter how you look at it, 2020 was an anomalous year. As we navigated through social unrest, COVID-19, and political polarization, nearly every industry was affected by the year’s events. And even though 2021 still holds some uncertainty, there are some things you can do to start your organization off on solid ground in the new year.

We can’t change the impact 2020 had on the economy, but we can learn from it. Look back at the decisions your company made last year – whether due to necessity, mandate, or moral obligation. Think about the impact of those actions and whether each had a positive or negative effect on your organization. Ask yourself what could have been done differently and how you could have better prepared for unplanned crises. Analyze any new systems or processes that were implemented and consider ways you can improve them to best position your organization in the upcoming year.

A SWOT analysis is a technique used to determine and define your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. If you have not performed a SWOT analysis of your company already, you could be missing out on some key insights. If you’ve already gone through the process, do it again. The state of your company is likely much different than it was just months ago. Don’t make the SWOT analysis a one-person job. Involving your team in the analysis gives you even deeper insight – you’ll look at your company in new ways with fresh perspectives.

Arm your business with the tools to manage the people who keep things running during a crisis. Employee management software helps ensure every member of your team knows where and when they are needed. Investing in employee scheduling software before an emergency or unexpected crisis gives you a head start on navigating through it. The software allows your team to access schedules remotely and gives you the ability to manage schedules from any location at any time. Additionally, scheduling software with messaging capabilities streamlines communication, so even when you and your employees can’t be in the office, everyone has up-to-date information.

There are still a lot of unknows as we head into 2021. Applying key lessons from 2020, conducting a thorough and objective analysis of your business, and implementing employee management tools before a crisis occurs will set you up for success in 2021.

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