June 18, 2012

Jewish Aid Australia Saves Hours And Paper By Using Humanity’s Staff Scheduler


Humanity has helped Jewish Aid Australia (JAA) stay organized and on top of their staff scheduling needs. With our cost-efficient application, JAA has seen improvements in time efficiency and can focus more on their organization and helping others, as opposed to coordinating schedules. JAA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to pursuing social justice for disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas. In doing so, JAA enables individuals to realize and practice core Jewish concepts. Volunteering with JAA is an avenue for Jews, who are passionate about community and international development, to work through a Jewish aid organization.

Their vision is of an Australian Jewish community active in pursuit of social justice for all. And they aim to empower and educate vulnerable communities in Australia and around the world. They work with local, indigenous and international programs and foster civil society, sustainable development and human rights for all people.

In Malvern, Victoria, they have worked primarily with two vulnerable communities, since 2005: the newly arrived refugees from Sudan and indigenous Australians.

By striving so high and working with communities around the globe, JAA needs to maintain a high level of organization and seamless coordination among staff. The nine casual staff of JAA are scattered around Australia and need to fill in weekly timesheets. Prior to their switch to Humanity, their employee scheduling system was based around Excel, and it was a nightmare.

Since they’ve switched to Humanity’s work and staff scheduler, they’ve saved at least an hour each week in administration work, as well as plenty of paper, both of which quickly add up.

”We would most definitely recommend Humanity as staff are able to regularly upload their time sheets and the pay process has been much smoother.”—Gary Samowitz, CEO, Jewish Aid Australia


The Humanity team commends JAA on their hard work all over the world and thankful for their selflessness.