January 11, 2012

New SSL Settings for Work Schedule Application and Update to Customer Domains


Humanity is committed to providing our users with security and reliability they can trust. Since our launch, we have taken extensive measures at all levels to ensure that user data is safe within our system including: SSL security, encrypted user passwords, automatic timeout, hourly data backup and Admin control of employee settings. Managers also have access to download any of their data from the system at anytime. We’ve also been named a trusted app by TRUSTe’s online privacy service. As part of this dedication, we’ve expanded the application in the twp following ways:

Default SSL Login

Managers now have the ability to enable Default SSL Login. The Humanity website requires user authentication to access the system. This requires data to travel back and forth between the servers hosting web applications and the clients and Humanity will encrypt this communication with SSL. So, you may be asking the question: why not default the “default SSL Login”? The answer is that heavy encryption causes slowed performance. So, given the performance trade-off, the Humanity team has made the setting optional. You can access ‘login options’ under the admin tab “account settings”.

Customer Domains

You may have also noticed that upon login, you are now being directed to your customer domain ( We have domain specific features that are coming and will only by active from individual domains. The first of these will be an option for single sign-on (SSO). Other domain specific feature, will allow for more robust branding/white label opportunities as well as requested features such as job boards and staff addition/account setup opportunities. Stay tuned for more news in this area!