September 7, 2012

Our Updated Time Clock Features Humanity’s New Timeline For More Visual & Efficient Time Clocking


Our integrated web-based time clock software allows you to take care of all your schedule, time clocking and business needs from one centralized platform. Our application enables you to streamline the process of timesheet management and provides you with accurate employee work data that is ready to be imported into your favorite payroll provider software.

We have just updated our time clock to make it even easier to use and more visually appealing! Just as before, employees can click on the ‘Time Clock’ tab to clock in and out of their shifts. They will be automatically brought to the ‘Overview’ page.

As always, employees will see the date and a button to clock into their shift. Once they are clocked in, they will be presented with the option to select their position from a dropdown menu as well as add any notes.

With our new time clock, when a staff member clicks ‘Clock In’ they will see the new time clock timeline! They will see a timeline of their shift, from clock-in to clock-out. At the top, they will see today’s date and time and below that they will see their ‘Total Hours’ or the total amount of time that has passed since they clocked in.

The timeline begins with the time that the employee clocked into their shift. Below, they have the option to add any notes and to select their position. These can also be changed mid-shift!

To add a note, click on the box that says ‘Click to add notes’. They will be able to type your message or note in the box. Once they are done, click ‘Add Note’ to add the note to their shift timeline.

There is also a new coffee icon that serves as a break button. By clicking on this icon, they can stop the clock for a break in their shift. When the break is over, click ‘Continue Shift’ and the time clock will resume. All breaks will be visible in the timeline for a visual display of the employee’s shift. The total break time will be clearly indicated on the shift timeline, as well as the specific start and end time of the break.

We also give you the option to turn this feature on or off. You can do so by changing your settings in the ‘Admin’ tab.

Once the shift is over, employees can click the green ‘Clock out’ button to clock out of their shift.


Time Sheets 
In the ‘Manage Time Sheets’ area of the time clock, you will see the timeline icon and their timesheets.

Here, you can see their timeline along with the date and the total hours worked during that shift.

We hope you find our new timeline more visually appealing, easy to use and fun!