August 17, 2012

Schedule Conflicts And Vacation Details Are Even Easier To See & Manage With Our Mouseover Features

Our scheduler got even easier to navigate and more centralized with more efficient schedule conflict and vacation viewing. Our new mouseover features give you greater insight into your schedule so that you can make decisions and gain a quick understanding of your schedule more efficiently and quickly.

Schedule Conflict Mouseover 

Schedule conflicts are automatically detected and immediately visible, indicated by a dotted red line surrounding the shift with a conflict. Previously, you had to click on the shift and/or view schedule conflicts through the action icon.  Now, you can simply mouseover the conflict, and you will see a summary of the schedule conflict.

Below is an example of what would appear if there was a schedule conflict, specifically is the given employees was booked on a day when they were on approved vacation.

Vacation Mouseover 

Humanity’s powerful employee scheduling program gives staff the ability to send leave and vacation requests to management through our integrated application. Managers can approve or reject vacation requests, also directly from our software. If a vacation request is approved, the vacations will appear in the scheduler so that it is clearly visible and management staff can more easily avoid any schedule conflicts.

To even better this recent feature, you can now mouseover any vacation indicator to show the exact dates that the given employee is on vacation. Below is an example of what would appear during this mouseover: