August 20, 2012

Texas Christian University Leverages Humanity to Organize, Schedule & Manage Their Student Employees


This private University founded in 1873 has been located in Fort Worth Texas since 1910. There are a little over 9,000 students enrolled each year, the majority of which are undergraduates.

They often employ student employees to fill many of their job positions, thus, one of their largest challenges is creating a schedule that is convenient when compared to a typical class schedule as well as providing a way for all staff to stay in constant and convenient contact with one another. Efficient communication is crucial since many of their employees deal with changing schedules due to various class needs.

Previously, all scheduling was done on pen and paper, or through Excel spreadsheets. This was a constant struggle for both scheduling staff as well as student employees and it got to the point where a solution was crucial. They were constantly fighting unnecessary paperwork (and waste) in order to post schedules and allow for shift changes.

Humanity centralized scheduler has helped them solve their scheduling problems. It has allowed them to alleviate both of their major challenges. They have used our comprehensive scheduling software to create and adjust schedules in real-time, as well as kept the avenues of communication open between management staff and employees. This helps to expedite the initial scheduling process as well as streamline any processes that are required in order to deal with situations like unexpected schedule changes, which are bound to happen, particularly when scheduling student employees that balance an already hectic schedule.

Scheduling staff that is primarily comprised of undergraduate students poses its challenges. With busy schedules (that change each semester) to begin with, adding a regular work schedule can make it complicated for each staff member and even more complicated for the scheduler who then needs to coordinate all the students’ schedules. Being able to set their own availability as well as stay in constant contact with one another has really helped Texas Christian University with their scheduling. Features like our Message Wall have enabled the staff at Texas Christian University better communicate. They have also been able to reduce their paper waste, which is always a plus! Our application serves as a one-stop-shop for schedules, trade requests, and inter-staff communication.

It has been a delight to help Texas Christian University to schedule all their student employees!