June 7, 2012

The University of Michigan Medical School Turned To Humanity To Save Time and Create Consistent Staff Schedules


The Standardized Patient Program, Office of Medical Student Education at the University of Michigan Medical School has helped aid medical students for over thirty years. As a program at one of the top medical schools in the United States, the Standardized Patient Program offers students the opportunity to develop, practice and enhance their medical interviewing skills, communication skills, and physical exam techniques. Standardized Patient Instructors come from all walks of life and are between 14-80 years of age – creating an inviting and diverse culture and environment.

They started with just one, full-time employee and now have 185 employees. Juggling numerous employees with a schedule that is never consistent presents its challenges. Some employees only work two or three events a year. Before they switched to Humanity, their employee scheduling system consisted of pencil and paper.

Since they made the switch to Humanity, they have saved a noticeable amount of time as they no longer have to individually email each employee about the schedule and any schedule changes. Unnecessary email communication is not only time consuming and cumbersome, but adds another level of confusion and often leads to schedule conflicts or understaffed shifts.

The University of Michigan Medical School has also found that our workforce management and staff scheduling software provides them with a consistent way to schedule their Standardized Patients. Once they became accustomed to using our application, there was no turning back.

”We have saved time. I would absolutely recommend Humanity and their team is very helpful.” -Christic Pagel, University of Michigan Medical School

The Humanity team is really excited that we have been able to help the University of Michigan Medical School, and we’re delighted to hear that they have found our application so effective that they are looking to implement our software in other departments, too.