April 19, 2023

TCP Software’s Aladtec Scheduling Secures Contract with 200th Fire Department in Ohio

Aladtec Scheduling solves complex public safety scheduling challenges

Austin, TX – April 19, 2023TCP Software, a leading provider of employee time, attendance, and scheduling solutions, today announced that Aladtec Scheduling, shift scheduling software for public safety departments, has been sold into 200 fire departments in the state of Ohio and counting. Designed for the unique 24/7 staffing practices of public safety agencies, Aladtec’s software solves complex scheduling challenges that public safety administrators never thought possible.

Public safety agencies have unique and complex needs, and with lives depending on their care, every shift needs personnel in the right place at the right time. In an industry where there is so much communication and interaction with nearby departments, taking place when responding to calls or attending training events and conferences, it’s no surprise that word of mouth has led to Aladtec’s explosive growth in Ohio. Aladtec is being used by 200 fire departments in Ohio and is used by more than 100 other public safety departments across the state.

Despite advances in technology, many fire, rescue, law enforcement, EMS, and dispatch departments still rely solely on spreadsheets or even pen and paper to schedule employees. Beyond being inefficient and time-consuming, manual scheduling leads to countless headaches and even unintentional errors that violate various Department of Labor or union regulations. Aladtec is designed specifically to meet the complex needs and variables of public safety scheduling, including mechanisms to seamlessly manage union, training, and certification requirements and unique scenarios, including Kelly Days in firefighting.

“In public safety, there are no second chances,” said Derek McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer, TCP Software’s Aladtec Scheduling. “Scheduling is absolutely critical to ensure that every shift—and every emergency—is covered. To see our satisfied customers in Ohio share with their peers across neighboring departments how Aladtec has solved their most complex scheduling challenges has been the highest compliment. We are honored to serve so many fire and public safety departments in Ohio.”

Public safety agencies need employee scheduling to be seamless and reliable. When scheduling manually, it’s easy to accidentally schedule an employee for shifts that don’t meet minimum time off or skillset requirements.

“When seeking to solve complex scheduling challenges at Auburn Career Center, which offers nearly 30 different public safety training programs in Ohio, our instructors, many of whom work full time as firefighters, unanimously preferred to use Aladtec,” said Sean Davis, Director of Public Safety Education, Auburn Career Center. “Each and every one of our instructors was either currently using Aladtec at their fire department or had used Aladtec in the past. With Aladtec, we are no longer spending hours creating a schedule in Excel—instead, everything is configured with all of our specific scheduling requirements and we’ve solved a problem that I didn’t think had an easy solution.”

To learn more about Aladtec Scheduling, visit https://aladtec.tcpsoftware.com.

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