December 1, 2021

8 Ways Text Alerts Help With Substitute Management


“41 million messages are sent out every minute” estimates Statista’s Mobile Messaging Statistics.

Unlike business phone calls and emails, over 90% of texts are read by receivers. That’s one efficient mode of communication. No wonder texting has positioned itself as the most preferred form of communication to interact with personal and professional contacts. It is pretty perfect for business communications because businesses can schedule, prepare, and blast texts conveniently. More importantly, people would rather text than call a number or wait for an email.

InstaSub recognizes the convenience, efficiency, and personalization that text communication brings to a conversation. So, we have included an add-on to our app to help you send text alerts to substitutes. Here is how InstaSub Text Alerts benefit your school or district.

  1. Reach Substitutes Faster
    Phone calls require you to engage in pleasantries. Emails are formal and require drafting and constant inbox checks. Unlike them, texts are short and amazingly convenient. Substitutes can instantly read them and respond quickly.Text alerts saves time on notifying subs about available jobs, are quicker to read, and are easier to respond to. All these factors culminate and translate into a shorter turnaround time on getting a response from the substitutes.
  2. Easy To Accept Jobs
    When substitute teachers receive a text alert from InstaSub about a substitute request, they can instantly view it and accept the job right from the text message.By making it easier for the substitutes to accept the job, your school removes the technology hurdles and enables an available substitute teacher to quickly take the position.
  3. Increase Fill Rates
    Given the limited pool of qualified substitutes, schools struggle to find enough subs for coverage on any given day. However, with text alerts making it easy to advertise available vacancies, fill rates are bound to go up.Irrespective of how limited the substitute pool is, schools using the InstaSub app can keep their fill rate above average.
  4. Improves Substitute Engagement
    InstaSub Substitute and Absence Management Software has multiple features to organize substitute management. Text alerts have proven to be another potent tool to stay on top of the task by improving engagement. With text alerts, it is possible to communicate frequently and promptly with the substitutes and notify them in seconds of work opportunities.Personalized text alerts help them see that they are part of a team, working together towards a common goal.
  5. Provides Fast and Convenient Job Updates
    It is undeniable that text alerts are absolutely the best way to send updates. They can be quickly read and responded to. InstaSub Substitute Management System allows the substitutes to stay informed at all times, making scheduling all the more simple and even more flexible.Substitutes can get alerts about urgent openings, changes in job times, cancellations, updates and more. Substitutes knowing what to expect in turn makes school management smoother.
  6. Better Than Automated Calling Systems
    With the technology available today, it is almost difficult to understand why any organization would choose automated calling systems over text alerts. Automated calling systems are impersonal and robotic. On the other hand, text alerts bring a sense of familiarity and can be read easily.
  7. Doesn’t Require a Smart Device
    Texts do not require their users to own a smart phone. There is no download involved or even the need for an internet connection. All a substitute needs for a InstaSub text alert is a phone with an active connection. It again expands the pool of substitute teachers that a school can reach using the InstaSub Substitute Management System.
  8. Comfortable Communication Channel
    In the internet era, it is easy to forget about the older users who are not comfortable using smart devices, apps, and other advanced features.In a bid to modernize your school substitute management system, it is crucial to keep in mind that you don’t alienate a sizeable group of older teachers who may not find every communication channel accessible. In such a case, text alerts work like a charm. Every phone and every person can receive and read a text message as well as respond to it.

InstaSub Substitute Management app is focused on rehauling the current substitute management systems in schools. Text alerts are just another feature that will help the platform get one step closer to that goal. The idea is to create an unhindered communication gateway between schools and substitutes. This makes it easier for schools to find substitute coverage when they need it.

Text alerts are a familiar, personal, and robust tool that will help add more flexibility, efficiency, and agility to your substitute management process.

To learn more about InstaSub Text Alerts or our modern substitute management system, Contact Us Today!