September 3, 2021

InstaSub Mobile Apps Help Improve How You Run Your K-12 School or District

InstaSub Mobile Apps Help Improve How You Run Your K-12 School or District

According to the International Data Corporation, “Mobile Workers Will Be 60% of the Total U.S. Workforce by 2024”. Mobile-based management has been a priority for most U.S. employers to add to the agility, efficiency, and easier management of their workforce. However, post-2020, mobility has become a necessity instead of a competitive advantage. A McKinsey study even found that since the pandemic broke, companies have increased the pace of their technology adoption – reducing it from several years to months.

We may be standing at a turning point that makes technology a center of interaction for all businesses. Organizations have to revamp their strategies and acquire new practices to stay competitive, including our schools. The mobile apps for InstaSub Substitute Management Software allows schools to manage their workforce better and eliminate sources of inefficiency in their workflows.

Here’s how every feature of the software’s mobile app helps in hassle-free school administration.

Frees Up Your Time

InstaSub mobile apps allow you to decentralize staff scheduling. Instead of teachers texting an administrator to request leave only during school hours, they can punch in the time and date of their absence directly into the app 24X7. It frees up your time as an administrator. You do not have to attend calls, check your emails, or read physical leave slips. When you open the app, you can get a complete view of leave requests and total absences.

You can also become a more effective administrator by referring to the insightful Employee Leave Balance Report and The Substitute Availability Report. You will know which substitutes teachers are available to work with the tap of a button. It will help you in making proactive and data-backed decisions that keep the school running seamlessly.

Keeps You on Top of Substitute Scheduling

While putting you in complete control of the teacher absences, InstaSub Substitute Management Software App also helps you modernize your substitute management practices. The app allows you to create a list of substitute teachers and categorize them based on qualifications, subjects, specific teacher replacements, and more such custom criteria. You can also create preferred lists of substitute teachers based on their past performance, skill level, ease of working, and more.

As soon as you receive a leave request from a regular teacher, you can approve the absence in seconds. The app will then send push notifications to your available substitutes, who can directly apply for the job within the app. So, before your teacher leaves for the day, you can secure a qualified substitute who is ready to fill-in.

Makes School Management Easier

InstaSub organizes and automates many aspects of school staff management that make your job easier. You can grant varying degrees of access to different users on the app. For instance, only administrators can approve time-off requests, teachers can enter absences and request a sub, substitute teachers can log in and view available and scheduled jobs, and so on.

  • The central analytics dashboard and the shared calendar help you to see the complete picture – top absenteeism reasons, fill rates, remaining vacation days, grade/subject-wise teacher absenteeism, and more. You can make many interventions at the school level to tackle any organizational issues.
  • You can track substitute hours, assign them a few classes, share their classes with another teacher, and more right from the InstaSub mobile app. You can generate custom reports like the Jobs Worked Report for a specified period to monitor the substitute’s performance.
  • For the teachers, you can get a better grip on the absentees and plan more effectively for the future with Absence Insights Report. You can also get an Internal Coverage Report that helps you keep tabs on the classes fulfilled by internal teachers to optimize substitute use.

From receiving the leave request to approving them to assigning the right substitute to an unfilled job, you can do it all from your smart phone. Completely paperless, and 100% hassle-free.

Focus Is on Convenience

The long list of features of the InstaSub App makes school management easier. However, it is the intuitive design of the app that makes it a breeze to use. That is one of the main reasons why the app has become a favorite among hundreds of K12 school administrators.

The single-click commands and user-friendly design allow administrators to do their job more quickly than the familiar paper-pen mode. Moreover, the app is available on both the iOS and Android versions, which you can download on any device you are most comfortable with.

It is the convenience of use of the InstaSub app that makes it a winner.

Mobility is the Future. Are You Ready For It?

InstaSub mobile apps places your entire school’s staff management in your palm. It allows you to grant/deny teacher leave, post absences, view real-time reports, and manage your school staff remotely without a hiccup.

With the hectic schedule of school staff showing no signs of slowing down, disruptions due to the COVID 19 delta variant, and increasing substitute management challenges, the InstaSub mobile app is a tool you should have to improve communication, boost productivity, and run your k-12 schools or district better.

If you want the ability to manage your staff absences and substitutes at your fingertips, Contact Us today!