August 7, 2011

Humanity Re-introduces Shift Approvals and Vacation Schedule View


The Humanity team has rolled out additional useful features as part of the ongoing development of our latest release. Shift approvals and the ‘vacation’ view will be discussed in this post with further announcements coming throughout this week. Much of this new development comes at the request of customers, so please continue to voice opinions in the dedicated forum.

  • Shift approvals allow Managers to confirm worked hours as a follow up to scheduled shifts. Shifts can be approved on an individual level from within the employee scheduler as part of the ‘shift edit’ window.
  • In the scheduler, approved shifts will display a green checkmark icon.
  • Humanity now also offers a list view of all shifts needing approval that is accessible from the dashboard.
  • Along with ‘shift approval’ list view, users can now also find a ‘vacation’ view as part of the employee scheduler. To access the ‘vacation’ view, click the ‘schedule overview’ link on the scheduler bar and check ‘vacation schedule’. In the ‘vacation’ view, users can visualize which employees are spending time off in a calendar format.