September 14, 2012

Staying In Contact And Collaborating With Fellow Employees Is Easy With Our Message Wall

Miscommunication has haunted the employee workplace for years. Not being able to communicate with colleagues correctly can slow down productivity and cause the loss of valuable time. Many companies use endless forwarded emails and phones calls as a way to communicate and relay messages. This can be ineffective and time-consuming.

With Humanity’s unique Message Wall feature employees and management staff can effortlessly communicate without frustration.

The Message Wall, located on your Dashboard, is an outlet for both employees and management staff to share information, ideas, birthdays, upcoming events and more. The ability to communicate with fellow employees and management 24/7 means you to never have to worry if you missed an email or notification! You have the choice to either post a message or comment on an existing message, so communication is efficient and effortless. Allowing employees to interact with each other on a professional level helps to build a sense of camaraderie.

As a manager, you have the option to disable the Message Wall entirely or limit your employees’ permission settings. For example, you can allow or disallow employees to post new messages and/or comment on messages. This allows managers to post messages and notifications when needed and avoid employee interruption.

To adjust your Message Wall settings, first, navigate to ‘Admin’ at the top left of your screen and then locate the ‘Account’ headline on the left. Next, locate the ‘Account Settings’ tab on the list.

Scroll down to the ‘Message Wall Settings’ subheading. Here you can customize your Message Wall. You can choose whether or not you want the Message Wall feature to be used within your company, and from there whether employees can leave messages and/or comments.

Using the Message Wall 

While on your Dashboard page locate your ‘Message Wall’ towards the bottom of your screen. Click on ‘Write New Message’ and a popup box will appear where you can write your message. Your message must be less than 200 characters in length. If you choose to write in ‘Full Mode’, you can also add a title to your message.

Upon finishing your message click ‘Save Message’ and you should see your message posted.

To write a comment, click ‘Write a Comment..’, type your comment and click ‘Save Comment’. Comments must be 255 characters in length or less.

For more information on the “Message Wall” please refer to the video below.