February 15, 2024

Tech Tip: A Spotlight on the Employee Status Feature


Let’s take some time to explore a significant yet often overlooked feature within TimeClock Plus: the Employee Status feature. This essential tool offers detailed, real-time insights into employee attendance.

Navigating to the Employee Status feature:

You can easily find this feature in your TimeClock Plus sidebar dropdown on the lefthand side under “Tools.” Designed for user-friendly navigation, the Employee Status section provides immediate access to vital attendance information beyond the main manager dashboard.

Employee Feature Status


Advantages of using the Employee Status feature:

  1. Real-time attendance insights:
    • Quickly view who is clocked in, on break, or clocked out, along with their job codes, duration of work, and clock-in locations.
  2. Enhanced control over daily operations:
    • Directly from the Employee Status screen, manage essential actions like changing job codes or clocking out employees.
    • Ensure your team is optimally distributed throughout their shifts to maintain smooth daily operations.
  3. Detailed Data for Informed Decision-Making:
    • Use various tabs within the Employee Status feature to access specific data, such as ‘Clocked In,’ ‘On Break,’ and ‘Auto Out,’ tailored to your immediate needs.
    • Access comprehensive information, including hours worked, employee hire dates, and latest clock-out times, for better scheduling and planning.

Employee Feature Status


Locating key functions in the Employee Status tabs:

Navigate through these tabs to get a focused view of different attendance-related data, crucial for effective daily planning and management. You can determine which employees and segments of employees are clocked in, on break, not in, absent, on leave, when their last punch was, their hours and projected OT forecasts, their past attendance, and labor standards.

Employee Feature Status


The Employee Status feature is a key component of our TimeClock Plus system, offering depth in managing time and attendance. We invite you to explore this feature to enhance your operational efficiency and planning capabilities.

For further information or assistance, our customer service team is always ready to support you in leveraging the full potential of TimeClock Plus.