November 17, 2023

Tech Tip: How to Approve and Decline Leave Requests


All employees have the right to paid leave and other forms of time off. Efficiently managing these leaves is crucial for any business’s workforce strategy. For seamless operations, it’s vital for schedulers and managers to synchronize leave requests with staffing needs.

Manually aligning leave requests with staffing requirements is both tedious and time-intensive. Humanity streamlines this by enabling schedulers and managers to effortlessly approve and decline leaves.

Approve or Reject Leave Requests

Step 1: Go to the Leave module to have an overview of your current leave management tasks.


Step 2: The Leave Management section displays all pending employee leave requests. Click “Approve” to confirm or “Reject” to decline the submitted requests.


Cancel Approved Leaves

Step 1: Select “Show Leave” from the left panel in the ShiftPlanning module to view all approved leaves.


Step 2: Click on the targeted leaves. In the pop-up window, select “Remove”. Confirm the cancellation by clicking “OK” in the subsequent pop-up.


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