October 18, 2021

Track Holidays for Scheduling and Payroll Needs

Track Holidays for Scheduling and Payroll Needs

Holidays can be some of the busiest days for public safety organizations. Tracking Holidays in Aladtec not only acts as a visual reminder in Scheduling Views and the Hourly Editor, but also allows administrators to choose which holidays qualify for paid holiday time in the Payroll Report. Holiday tracking is located in the Setup menu under Holidays, and can be turned on by selecting the “Enable Holiday Tracking” checkbox. You can then enter the name, date, start and stop times for your holidays.

To include holidays in the Payroll Report, go to Setup, Modules, select the Payroll Module and mark the Holiday setting in the Pay Profile. Then select which holidays are to be paid out with the “Pay as Holiday” checkbox. Keep in mind, Aladtec allows multiple Pay Profiles, but only one Pay Profile can be assigned to each member. A holiday paid out for one member group doesn’t have to be paid out for all.

For questions or additional help with Holiday tracking please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always thank you for using Aladtec!

~Your Aladtec Team