March 15, 2024

Unlock a seamless integration with time tracking and employee scheduling



The integration of TimeClock Plus and Humanity represents an exciting leap forward in time, attendance, and employee scheduling solutions. By merging two leading solutions into a unified experience, the integration amplifies the ability of Humanity and TimeClock Plus customers to improve payroll and scheduling accuracy, mitigate compliance risk, boost efficiencies, and offer standout employee experiences. It also eliminates dual-entry and delivers positive employee experiences with a single mobile app experience, SSO, and the ability to move between platforms with just one click.

Why this matters for TimeClock Plus customers

Today, many of our TimeClock Plus customers are using the scheduling tools in TimeClock Plus to accommodate common employee scheduling needs, like creating different types of schedules and scheduling across multiple locations. However, scheduling needs evolve and deepen over time. Eventually, we find teams require increasingly robust scheduling functionality, such as:

  • AI-powered forecasting
  • User-friendly tools for creating and updating complex schedules
  • Expanded employee communication options
  • Shift trading and pickups via mobile; and more.

These are all needs that Humanity is designed to support. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Discover an interactive, real-time scheduling experience to draft schedules, publish them instantly, and easily adjust as changes occur.img
  • Identify gaps through visual representations of staffing requirements compared to created schedulesimg

Why this matters for Humanity customers

Similarly, we also have customers using Humanity to enable their teams to clock in and out and submit leave. However, many customers who initially use Humanity for time tracking find that their time and attendance needs evolve over time. Many customers require increasingly advanced time tracking functionality, such as:

  • Accurate, automated calculations across complex payroll rules
  • Exceptions management
  • Accrual tracking,
  • Payroll integrations that make payroll calculations breeze.

These are all things TimeClock Plus is designed to support. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Take payroll processing time from days to hours—we already have hundreds of pre-built integrations availableimg
  • Mix and match from our suite of physical clocks (e.g., biometric, badge swipe) as well as mobile and web-based clocking