June 21, 2012

Why Is Humanity Loved Around the World? See How We Compare Against The Competition


Humanity has helped businesses reduce scheduling and time and attendance related busy work by up to 80% for a number of our users. Our application can be accessed on any web browser and widely used mobile platforms so that employers and employees can stay on top of their business and schedule related needs. Due to our ease-of-use, robust functionality and wide adaptability, we have been named TopTenReviews #1 scheduling application of 2012.

The Humanity team loves to hear feedback from our customers and our new ‘Customers Page’ shares our success stories and explores different industries and business types.

Our workforce management and staff scheduling software is the number one choice for organizations around the world. Listen to what our customers are saying and see the impact that we are having across many types of organizations. Whether you are a restaurant, a help desk, in the public services industry, in the medical field or anything in between, our application will help you save valuable time and money. We also have plenty of case studies for you to read through, in addition to our ‘Customers Page’.

Compare Humanity To Other Products 
Want to see how we compare against our competitors? That’s easy – visit our ’Compare Page’!

Here, you can see a breakdown of different features that our product offers, and how we compare against pen and paper, spreadsheets, “The Other Guys”  and a desktop application.

We have put our features up against competitors in a head-to-head match so you can make quick and informed choices when deciding on a workforce management and scheduling solution.

The Humanity team hopes that you find these pages useful and informative, and can see why we are the top choice workforce software of franchises, small businesses and large organizations in over 60 countries across the globe.