December 14, 2018

How to Survive the Holidays with Cloud based Scheduling

Published by: HR Technologist


Jack Robinson, VP of Solutions Engineering, Humanity, discusses key benefits for HR professionals to consider when assessing cloud-based scheduling technology, including its impact on company growth and profitability.

The busy holiday season is upon us, and big seasonal employers – Macy’s, Target, UPS, and others – are seeing a surge in holiday employment compared to previous years. More than 165 million Americans participated in Black Friday deals this past Thanksgiving weekend alone, according to research from NRF – that’s almost 40 percent more compared to 2017. As holiday sales continue to climb, demand for extra help continues to soar across retail, hospitality, delivery services, and other industries. Shift managers and HR professionals must stay ahead of scheduling needs, changes and special accommodations to maintain top talent and ensure customer satisfaction.

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