Success Story: Wake Forest University Campus Police

May 23, 2023

ScheduleAnywhere Simplifies Staff Scheduling for Wake Forest University Campus Police


Founded in 1834, Wake Forest University is a private university located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The university’s student population is more than 8,000 students. The Wake Forest University Police Department is comprised of professionally trained police officers, security officers, communications officers, and support staff. The department exists under a dual obligation to function both in a quasi-governmental, law enforcement capacity as well as to serve the greater interest of the university. The agency provides emergency and non-emergency assistance to the university community.


Administrators at the Wake Forest University Police Department struggled to find an employee and officer scheduling system that accommodated the department’s numerous staff schedules. The department was using personnel scheduling software that was designed for law enforcement, but managers found that it was not flexible enough to support their department’s varied and complex schedules. The system also did not include features that managers required, such as customization, reporting capabilities, and time-off and schedule request management. Additionally, schedules were not accessible to employees and management when they were away from campus.

“Building the formulas for our many schedules was frustrating and time consuming with our old software. It included features we would never use but didn’t offer the ones we required.” Sergeant Craig Bullins


After researching several employee scheduling systems, The Wake Forest University Police Department implemented ScheduleAnywhere as its staff scheduling solution. Department managers selected ScheduleAnywhere because it was affordable, easy to navigate and gave administrators, officers, and staff access to up-to-the-minute schedule information. ScheduleAnywhere is also customizable and works well for the department’s complex staff schedules. Managers can create an unlimited number of online schedules for multiple locations or departments by position, skill, or shift. The software also includes an integrated messaging system, so managers can email or text all employees, individuals, or a select group of employees about items such as open shifts, additional hours, overtime, or meeting reminders. Employees can make schedule requests via ScheduleAnywhere’s mobile app, and managers can approve time off, instantly communicate schedule updates, and review coverage and staffing needs remotely. Additionally, ScheduleAnywhere allows managers to generate custom reports in any format they require.

“What took me eight hours with the previous system, takes only 30 minutes with ScheduleAnywhere, and I can build shifts for whatever criteria I need.” Sergeant Craig Bullins

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