July 9, 2010

Humanity Announces 24/7 Live Support for its Online Employee Scheduling Software


Panama City, PANAMA – July 9, 2010 – Humanity Inc., ( now offers 24/7 support to provide customers and potential customers with immediate assistance any time, day or night with online employee scheduling management software.

As part of a growing commitment to customer service, Humanity has implemented round-the-clock support via telephone, e-mail and live chat.

“Humanity software was developed with accountability in mind,” says Ryan Fyfe, CEO of Humanity Inc. “The client’s success is tantamount to Humanity’s success. Adding 24-hour access to our already industry-leading support options just made sense when it came to creating a comprehensive customer service plan.”

Fyfe created Humanity to be entirely web-based in order to provide 24-hour availability, seven days a week, to up-to-the-minute scheduling information via the Internet. This means every employee can simply log on to any computer at any time to check their work schedule. No more guesswork, no more staff shortages.

Humanity online employee scheduling software is designed to free up time wasted on antiquated and inefficient scheduling procedures that are all too often prone to errors. Humanity is intuitive, interactive, and as easy to use as e-mail. With Humanity, any business can streamline its scheduling process overnight, no matter how large or small the staff.

The result is a smooth and efficient performance, and ultimately, increased profits. When staff arrives on time, every time, businesses run more efficiently and the days of lost productivity, unnecessary overtime and other avoidable expenses are rearview mirror stuff.

Just as Humanity is real-time scheduling software, its support follows suit. Real-time support translates to the same philosophy built into Humanity’s cost-cutting and time-saving program. When help is available immediately, day or night, productivity doesn’t suffer.

Humanity uses next-generation web technologies to produce an intuitive online application while at the same time adhering to strict security standards that ensure the client’s data is secure and accessible 24/7.

To learn more about Humanity and how you can put it to work for your business, visit our website at or call us at 1-888-973-6030.

For information on investment opportunities at Humanity Inc., or to book an interview with Ryan Fyfe, contact: Kent Patel 403-228-3390 or